Use of our parquet floors and stairs

Why is Weitzer Parkett demonstrating such ecological responsibility? Because our floors conserve energy quickly and easily in everyday use. They contribute to a healthy room climate, and can be sanded down, and therefore renovated, many times over.

Parquet is a natural conserver of energy

More than three-quarters of the energy required in private households is used for heating. Current surveys show that parquet is up to 2.2 °C warmer to walk on than other floorings, such as tiles or laminate. That means our wooden floors reduce your daily energy consumption in a completely natural way. The difference matters: a room temperature which is just 1 °C lower actually saves 6% in heating costs.

Plasticizer-free all-round solution for parquet flooring and adhesive

Weitzer Parkett is the first and only provider on the market to offer you an overall solution free of plasticizers, from the parquet floor through to the adhesive. We do not use traditional plasticizing substances, and our parquet floors contain no components which could potentially migrate, even after hardening. In addition to this, all our products are free of water and solvents.

Renovatable, high-quality surfaces

Thanks to our high-quality surfaces, Weitzer Parkett timber flooring is especially durable and resistant. That’s why we offer a 30-year guarantee on our parquet floors. In the event of wear and tear, all our high-quality surfaces – no matter whether they are sealed or oiled – can be sanded down and renovated several times over, depending on the thickness of the wear layer. That makes Weitzer Parkett floors ‘reusable’.