Maintenance-free parquet
from Weitzer Parkett

Wood needs maintenance and attention – which takes time and effort. Weitzer Parkett’s unique, innovative multi-sealed maintenance-free parquet now puts an end to tedious maintenance rituals

Unique sealing technology protects parquet flooring

Tedious maintenance care is now a thing of the past with the low-maintenance parquet flooring from Weitzer Parkett: A combination of different technologies makes it possible to preserve the original sheen and design of the parquet without the need for extensive care and maintenance. Our maintenance-free parquet has a coated surface with a natural-matte finish — you can even feel the brush strokes*. Even chemicals can’t wear down the maintenance-free parquet. What’s more, the parquet is also largely protected against dust penetration and accumulation. Weitzer Parkett’s countless years of experience with wood drying have made it possible to develop a system that ensures a perfect fit and prevents problematic gapping.

*Excludes products made from nut wood

Modern, natural and even suitable for underfloor heating

The maintenance-free parquet from Weitzer Parkett appeals visually with its refined but also modern design. The parquet is currently available in two basic versions: On the one hand a satin gloss surface finish; on the other hand a natural matt finish with tangible pore pattern. When the maintenance-free parquet is fully glued to the subfloor, it is also ideally compatible with underfloor heating.

Absolute colour match for floor and stairs

Weitzer Parkett knows that a perfectly designed interior should not be limited by staircases and, as such, offers the matching stairs for every parquet flooring – in the same design and the same type of wood, colour and finish as the parquet itself. A uniform design creates a balanced overall look. Parquet and stairs become one. This approach is also ideal for renovations as existing staircases can be given a face lift easily and precisely.

Those looking for larger formats will enjoy the popular Maintenance-Free Parquet Planks