Good for the environment.

Beautiful for your home. And for nature.

Wood is the material of the future. Because wood is extremely durable, easily recyclable and thus has a positive effect on the ecological balance. And best of all: wood grows back and binds CO2 in the process. This makes Weitzer wood parquet the sustainable alternative to disposable flooring. Because: How we live today determines whether our children will still enjoy nature.

Green Lifecycle instead of plastic.

We all know: Plastic is not the answer to ever-growing mountains of waste. Because only raw materials whose useful life extends over a long period of time pay off for the environment. And: Weitzer wood parquet can also be recycled again and again – for a floor you can enjoy for years to come. All this makes the natural product wood the clear sustainability winner.

Without detours into the future: short supply chains.

When it comes to developing innovations, we at Weitzer Parkett like to take an extra lap. But not when it comes to transport routes. That is why our supply chains are as short as possible: we source our wood within Europe from sustainable harvests. After all, we want to protect the valuable raw material and its roots.