Disposal without worries

From sourcing right through to disposal, Weitzer Parkett is environmentally-friendly from beginning to end. All our materials are guaranteed as being recyclable, right down to the packaging and insulating underlays.

Parquet: sustainably disposable

We are the first and only provider in the market to offer an overall solution free from plasticizers, from the parquet floor to the adhesive, pollutants cannot be absorbed by the wood. When dismantling the parquet, it is important to ensure no residual concrete or screed is left on the back of the wood. To ensure this is the case, we recommend that used parquet floors are removed by utilising power tools.

Weitzer Parkett installed floating can be dismantled quickly and easily without problems, and reused or recycled in an environmentally-friendly way. Our parquet which has been fully adhered is equally easy to dispose of.

Packaging that poses no problems

All insulating underlays and packaging materials can be disposed of at the local recycling plant, or in the household garbage in an environmentally responsible way.