What benefits do Weitzer Parkett
wooden floors offer?

If you love wood and think this wonderful raw material should be at your feet, then why not cover the largest space in your home with pure nature in one fell swoop! You can feel, smell and see the tree’s character in its innumerable forms.

We have parquet floors with function!

Starting with indoor air quality which the parquet floor has a positive effect on, to the diverse patterns of colours, to the grain and brushed finish which feel extraordinary beneath your hands and feet. Personal well-being, warmth and cosiness are clearly very important in the number one place where you retreat to and recharge: your own four walls. A parquet floor can play a big part in this. At Weitzer Parkett we’ve been passionate about wood since 1831 and believe that no other floor covering can match this. And this is just the first in a long list of benefits. Every Weitzer Parkett parquet floor has a function. This means that we design our products so that they give something back to you. A Weitzer Parkett floor should take the strain out of everyday life, it should boost your well-being or “simply” delight your senses. We are very proud and grateful that we are able to contribute to this. Get an idea of the benefits of Weitzer Parkett flooring.

We make dream floors a reality.

We’re pack leaders in innovation due to a range of extraordinary factors. Thanks to our decades of experience, dynamic ability to innovate and unbridled curiosity, we are always an important step ahead in all things parquet. With the first maintenance-free parquet range we are setting standards for the future and putting undreamt-of possibilities at your feet.