Made for eternity

Durable wood parquet
for home. And nature.

Weitzer Parkett is the floor for a better tomorrow: because wood is not a disposable product, but lasts for generations. A decision that pays off – especially for the environment.

Wooden floors can be wonderfully renovated and remain sustainable companions even after many decades. Our favourite is oak: Often more than 1000 annual rings thick, the tree is not without reason a symbol of eternity.

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Maintenance-Free Parquet

Wood needs care – and this takes time and effort. Weitzer Parkett’s innovative care-free parquet puts an end to tedious care rituals. This is ensured by the unique pore-deep multiple special sealing. This makes Weitzer Parkett the world’s only manufacturer of a parquet surface that saves you time and money.


The type of flooring has a significant influence on people’s health and well-being. With the Healthy Parquet, Weitzer Parkett creates the optimal conditions for a healthy feel-good climate – allergy-friendly, antibacterial, antistatic and breathable at the same time!

Sound-reduction parquet

The firm bond between the parquet and the subfloor creates compactness. According to an independent German test, our glued-down whisper parquet is up to 3 times quieter than laminate. Added to this is the soothing frequency range of wood as a raw material.

Parquet Renovation

Sie verbinden die Vorteile der beiden Verlegetechniken schwimmender Verlegung und der Verklebung des Parketts. Dank der herausragenden, schallreduzierenden Eigenschaften der WP Looseglue-Matte erreichen Sie eine Reduzierung des Trittschalls um 18dB und eine deutliche Verbesserung des Raumschalls.


A classic can be this exciting:
Herringbone collection.

Find your style

Living dreams
brought to the floor.


Parquet as desired

When it comes to their own four walls, everyone has very individual ideas. In addition, every room is different and thus requires a parquet that really fits in perfectly. This is exactly why Weitzer Parkett also offers the possibility to choose from a range of different formats: Plank, Block and Strip.


Wood is pure diversity

With a wooden floor, you bring nature directly into your home. Why do we offer you our parquet in six different grades?
Quite simply, we process the entire tree trunk in the production of our wooden floors, and each part of it has its very own character traits. They show: Wood is as diverse as life itself. Make your choice!

Surface treatments

Show individuality

A refined surface gives the parquet a special touch. It underlines the character of the wood, awakens undreamt-of potential and lets each individual board tell its very own story.

Our solutions
are practically applicable

The aesthetics of a room reach their perfection through the staircase. That’s why we make the perfectly matching wooden staircase for every parquet floor.

From simple to elegant – our parquet skirting boards add a special finishing touch to your parquet floor.

A refined surface gives the parquet a special touch.

Surfaces in

For 190 years.

We bring big ideas to the ground. And this is already the 7th generation. This is one of the reasons why we are known far beyond Austria’s borders for our beautiful, but above all well thought-out parquet solutions.

Who decides for 

Weitzer Parquet,
protects the forest.