Parquet and staircase production

There are numerous opportunities for working in a way that is gentle on resources and sustainable when producing parquet floors. For example Weitzer Parkett uses 100% of the accumulated left-over wood to produce energy and warmth.

Weitzer eco-energy

Energy is a precious commodity, so we don’t waste it. We even produce it ourselves. We operate our own biomass thermal power station, where we convert all the waste left over from our timber resources into green electricity and heat. During this process, we ensure the amount of CO2 released during the incineration never exceeds the level the trees were previously taking out of the atmosphere for their growth. A photovoltaic system and hydroelectric power station also compliment our energy production.

Efficient processing

By employing an intelligent, sustainable product policy, Weitzer Parkett is able to use the entire tree trunk in the production of its parquet floors. Precise production techniques and the use of the thinnest saw blades also guarantee that all resources are utilised.

A valuable contribution

Lasting action for the community: Weitzer Parkett produces more environmentally-friendly, “green” energy than is required for its parquet production needs. As a result, we send the overshoot into the public network, thereby supplying more than half the town of Weiz. This is the equivalent to the capacity needed for over 2.000 households.