Sound-reduction parquet
from Weitzer Parkett

Enjoy the feeling of calm in your home and experience fantastic room acoustics.

Creates a feeling of calm throughout the house

The solid connection between parquet and bottom layer creates compactness. This is why our bonded sound-reduction parquet was found to be up to 3 times quieter than laminate according to an independent German test. Plus there’s the beneficial frequency range of the raw material wood.

Wonderful room acoustics thanks to
an easy-on-the-ear frequency range

Parquet, in contrast to other types of flooring, guarantees a frequency range which is easier on the ear. This is the reason why concert halls and instruments are made of wood.

Perfect connection to the sub-floor

Our professionals create a perfect connection when attaching the parquet to the sub-floor, thus ensuring excellent insulation to soften impact and room noise. This results in compactness in its most beautiful and quietest form.

Further noise reduction if used in combination with WP Looseglue!

Combine the advantages of both floating installation and glued-down installation. Thanks to the outstanding, sound-reducing properties of the WP Looseglue matte, you can reduce impact noise by 18 dB and thereby achieve a significant improvement in room sound. The result is the wonderfully rich, compact sound of your steps.