Weitzer Parkett Varieties

Parquet is an honest flooring with a unique character. With a wooden floor, you bring nature directly into your home. The feeling of your steps, the indoor climate and the environment.

Natural appearance, achieved through the diversity of wood.

Why do we offer our parquet in six different varieties?
Simple: We process the entire tree trunk when producing our wooden floors and each part of it has its own unique characteristics. They show how wood is as diverse as life itself.Take your pick!

Provides an elegant and calm appearance in grain and colour for the highest demands.

Characteristics of the variety EXQUISITE:

  • Pin knots
  • Subtle grain
  • Mirror
  • Without sapwood

This variety is a timeless mix of plain and decorative grain.

Characteristics of the variety CALM:

  • Small knots
  • Natural colour variation
  • No sapwood

This variety is distinguished by a large number of knots with a balanced, strong colour due to the lack of sapwood.

Characteristics of the variety LIVELY:

  • Knots
  • Natural colour variations
  • Filled cracks
  • Natural grain variation without sapwood

This lively colourful variety offers the whole diversity of nature. The proportion of sapwood results in a harmonious, colourful appearance.

Characteristics of the variety LIVELY COLOURFUL:

  • Knots
  • Natural colour variations
  • Filled cracks
  • Sapwood and natural grain

This vivid variety reflects the unrestricted growth character and maturing processes of oak.

Characteristics of the variety RUSTIC:

  • No limitation on size of knots
  • Open knots
  • Filled cracks and variations in colour are permitted
  • No sapwood

The proportion of sapwood results in a colourful appearance with the full expressiveness of the tree. Shows character and lets the tree live on as a piece of living nature.

Characteristics of the variety RUSTIC COLOURFUL:

  • Knots of unlimited size
  • Smoothed-out knots and filled cracks
  • Sapwood with natural grain variation
  • Distinct variation in colour and timber structure