Absolute colour match
for floor and stairs

A consistent design results in a harmonious overall effect: parquet and stairs become one.

Because perfect room design does not end at the stairs

The aesthetics of a space flows to its conclusion via the staircase. That’s why we manufacture matching staircases for every wooden floor – with the same format, wood type, colour and surface finish as the parquet itself. The existing stairs in renovation projects can also be individually designed. We deliver perfect-fit, quality solutions to quickly and easily cover stairs.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Floor and stairs from one source
  • Perfect colour match
  • Ideal for renovations
  • Seamless transitions:
    Our system allows us to offer smooth transitions to the next floor.

Banisters & wall coverings

A banister and wall cover to match your choice of parquet are the icing on the cake for the perfect look of your wooden staircase. These details significantly influence the appearance and are standard at Weitzer Parkett.

Grooved edge profile from Weitzer Parkett

From the classic 40 cm wide step profile to the block step profile with seamless cover for old steps, we offer an intelligent solution for every requirement.

Profile 40 mm

Classical step profile

Profile 40 Style

The seamless cover meets sophisticated design requirements and follows the trend towards a simple, elegant design (mitred, radius 3 mm)

Profile Block style

For a perfect design: seamless covering for old steps

A border for every staircase

At Weitzer Parkett, the head and wall protection border are optimally adapted to your staircase. The individual elements merge into a stylish single design. From simple to elegant – our parquet borders add the special finishing touch to your parquet floor. They nestle cleanly and perfectly on the wall in different designs and formats. Classic, elegant wooden borders with the intelligent clip system complete the package. They add the final touch to your parquet floor.