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Functional Benefits

Funktionen von Weitzer Parkett

Weitzer Parkett offers you real functional benefits. Are you looking for a wooden floor that requires no maintenance? We offer Maintenance-Free Parquet with the multi-layered surface. Are you longing for peace and quiet throughout your house? Try our Sound-Reduction Parquet with Silent Intelligence™. Do you want to create a healthy personal environment? We offer Healthy Parquet, with a naturally oiled surface. How about parquet that’s as individual as you are? Not a problem we have iDesign Parquet, with individual treatments. This is how easy it is with Parquet Intelligence.

Maintenance-Free Parquet

Maintenance-Free Parquet
  • Globally unique
  • Revolutionary technology means only gentle cleaning is needed.
  • Gives you more time.
  • Long-lasting, beautiful parquet floor.
  • 7 Layer UV Curing Process:  The unique sealing technology of the ProStrong surface protects the parquet against scratches, abrasion and heavy duty wear and tear.  Multi-layer sealing is also available in a natural matt effect as the ProActive+ surface.
  • Maintenance-free parquet is particularly scratch-proof and resistant.
  • Surfaces: ProStrong and ProActive+

Healthy Parquet

  • Promotes a feeling of well-being: while optimising the room climate.
  • Guidelines for optimum room conditions are 50% air humidity and 20 °C room temperature.
  • Healthy parquet creates a healthy environment with the ‘AAAA’ effect: Allergy-friendly, Antibacterial, Antistatic and Alive. Contrary to carpets, dust and dirt cannot get a permanent foot hold on the smooth surfaces and mites have no habitat.
  • Brings comfort and warmth into the room and helps save on heating costs, with temperatures 0.8 °C warmer than with laminate flooring and up to 2.2 °C warmer than tiles.
  • 100% pure – natural oils and waxes from renewable resources.
  • Surface: ProVital finish.

Sound-Reduction Parquet with Silent Intelligence™

Sound-Reduction Parquet with Silent Intelligence™
  • Peace and quiet thanks to unique Silent Intelligence™ technology.
  • An innovative product structure that for the first time has made it possible to reduce the sound right at the source, providing outstanding reduction in subsonic and ambient noise. Test results from the Graz University of Technology indicated a noise reduction of more than half of the normal perceived volume.
  • Easy on the joints. The elasticity of the floor has a gentle positive effect on the joints.
  • Improved protection for your floor: The unique structure provides the floor with elasticity. The “spring” effect provides a cushioning effect for falling light and blunt objects and therefore prevents possible damage.
  • Suitable for underfloor heating and for combining with other flooring: Can be optimally combined with other Weitzer parquet due to the specially adapted structural height. Examples for use: children’s rooms, hotel rooms, shops, nursery schools, passages and many more.  Also perfectly suited to underfloor heating.
  • Surface: ProActive+. 

Note: In addition to sound-reduction parquet with Silent Intelligence™, Weitzer Parkett offers other solutions for reducing airborne noise and the sound of footfall by means of special installation techniques.