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        Weitzer Parkett – we bring innovation to wooden flooring!

        Our know-how. Your benefits.

        We’re pack leaders in innovation due to a range of extraordinary factors. Thanks to decades of experience with wood, our dynamic ability to innovate and our unbridled curiosity, we’re always an important step ahead in all things parquet. Our products are setting standards for the future and laying unprecedented possibilities at your feet, for example the first maintenance-free parquet or our innovative system solution for simple renovation projects.


        This is Weitzer Parkett intelligence

        The world’s first maintenance-free parquet

        Do you want to save time and money on parquet maintenance? Our intelligent solution – the first and only Weitzer Parkett maintenance-free parquet – makes tedious care and maintenance regimes a thing of the past. A gentle clean is all it needs. The surface is finished with an innovative seal which protects the parquet from scratches and rubbing even when subjected to heavy use. Even chemicals can’t wear down maintenance-free parquet.

        Renovating has never been so quick, so dust-free, so quiet.

        The Weitzer Parkett solution allows you to renovate your old floor in a matter of hours. The old flooring can stay where it is. The new parquet floor can be walked on immediately. Sandwiched in between is the unique WP Looseglue Matte which takes just a moment to apply. No dust and no noise from ripping up the old floor. This unique solution combines the best of floating and glued-down installation methods. You benefit from effective noise reduction and will only be able to hear the wonderfully rich and compact sound of your footsteps. The whole system can be removed without a trace. The original floor covering remains intact. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a traditional floor which is worth keeping or a floor in a space which will be returned to its original state after use. Our simple solution means that dismantling the old floor is easy; ideal if you want to install a new parquet floor in years to come. WP Looseglue is made almost entirely out of the renewable raw material rubber and is 100 % recyclable.

        We or one of our expert Weitzer Parkett partners in your area

        are happy to advise you and to assist you from the selection to the installation of your dream parquet.

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