Weitzer Parquet
We bring innovation to wood flooring!

Our innovation leadership is based on a number of extraordinary factors. Thanks to our decades of experience with wood as a material, dynamic innovative power and irrepressible curiosity, we are always an important step ahead when it comes to parquet flooring.

Our knowledge. Your advantages.

With the first maintenance-free parquet or, for example, our innovative system solution for easy renovation, we are setting standards for the future and putting previously undreamed-of possibilities at your feet.

This is the Weitzer Parkett Intelligence

The first maintenance-free parquet in the world

Would you like to save yourself the time-consuming and costly maintenance of your parquet floor? Our intelligent solution: with the first and only maintenance-free parquet from Weitzer Parkett, tedious care rituals are a thing of the past. A simple gentle cleaning is all it takes. The innovative multiple sealing of the surface protects the parquet from scratches and abrasion even under heavy use. Even chemicals cannot harm the maintenance-free parquet.

Renovating has never been so fast, so dust-free and so quiet.

With the system solution from Weitzer Parkett, you can renovate your floor within a few hours. The old floor covering can remain in the room. The new parquet floor can be walked on immediately. In between, there is space for the unique WP Looseglue mat, which can be laid as quickly as possible. No dust, no noise to tear out the old floor. At the same time, this unique overall solution combines all the advantages of professional gluing and floating installation. You achieve maximum sound reduction and hear only a wonderfully rich and compact sound of your footsteps. The system solution can be removed without leaving any residue. The original floor covering remains intact. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a floor worthy of historical preservation or simply a rented space that is to be returned to its original condition after use. Even if after years there is a desire for a new parquet floor, the easy removal offers an uncomplicated renovation solution. WP Looseglue consists almost entirely of the renewable raw material rubber and is 100% recyclable.