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Weitzer Parkett Appearances

We give you the options, you make the decisions: with the four different appearances, Plank, Wideboard, Block and Strip, combined with the wide variety of installation patterns, Weitzer Parkett offers the largest choice of designs.

Plank appearance

Plank appearance

Nature’s Finest. True luxury. Only around 17% of the trunk of a tree can be used to achieve the plank appearance! That makes every piece a unique and valuable item.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Now also available as an exclusive grand plank, which shows true width with its format
  • Expressive wood effect which is close-to-nature and works well in large spaces
  • Elegant, lively and timeless
  • The characteristics of the wood are completely retained ensuring every floor is unique
Wideboard appearance: WP 4140 Oak Coffee Silver Original ProStrong gloss

Wideboard appearance

Offers spaciousness.  Provides a room with style and distinctiveness.  Wideboard is the special format between plank and block.  It’s generous appearance makes it perfectly suited to large or small areas.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Generous format between plank and block appearance
  • Expression of contemporary design
  • Especially well-suited to large, commercial or  residential areas
  • Also fits stylishly into smaller rooms
  • Aesthetically pleasing
Block appearance: WP 450 Nut steamed select

Block appearance

Creates more latitude.  A parquet that matches any style.  The block appearance is a timeless classical design. Thanks to it’s diversity, block parquet goes well with any style of furnishing.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Timeless classic format
  • Harmonises with any furniture style
  • Offers the greatest freedom of choice of installation patterns such as herringbone, plait, shifted dice and lamella
  • Also perfect for combining with other products
Strip appearance: Oak fumed

Strip appearance

Stands for design. Modern and diverse. The nuance-rich strips give a room the personal touch, irrespective of which timber or colour tone is used.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Unique design from Weitzer Parkett
  • Multi-faceted strip appearance in contemporary design
  • Gives the room a lively look and a personal touch
  • Extraordinarily effective, especially when installed on stairs (waterfall appearance)