Grading: rustic
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Grading rustic

This grade demonstrates the natural growth characteristics.

Characteristics: no limitation on size of knots, open knots, filled cracks and variations in colour are permitted, no sapwood

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Product Description

  • Intelligent patented double-click system with the greatest interlocking power on the market. (01)
  • Patented press-stud principle for simultaneous locking of the longitudinal and header joints in one movement (02):
    – Fast and simple one-man assembly and disassembly
    – Can be completely adhered to the subfloor*
  • Header joint edge locking mechanism made from wood – completely free from plastic components and plasticizers (03)
  • Support material made of wood with vertically arranged growth rings (04)
  • Ideally suited to underfloor heating, as it can be completely adhered to the subfloor
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The made-to-measure parquet solution for your staircase.

A perfectly shaped room design for your parquet floor. Our solutions for stairs and steps are flexible.