What should I be particularly careful of when installing parquet on top of underfloor heating?

Maintaining the correct wood moisture content (emc) is crucial to minimize general changes in the dimensions of the floor and the formation of micro gaps/gaps (particularly during the cold/winter months). Weitzer Parkett recommends a room climate of 40% Air temperature and a Relative Humidity Level of 60%. The surface temperature of the parquet floor must not exceed 29°C.

You should also avoid airing your home for extended periods during the winter, as this leads to a reduction in air humidity. At the beginning and during the cold/winter months, we recommend you install air humidifiers, house plants etc; all sources of moisture; this will help prevent your parquet floor from „shrinking“ excessively and causing micro gaps/gaps. Where rugs are used during the cold months, you should expect micro gaps/gaps to form in these areas (heat accumulation). In the summer months, unnecessary sources of moisture should be avoided. To monitor relative air humidity, we recommend that you place a hygrometer in the house.