What should I be careful of when installing parquet in low-energy and passive homes, and in buildings with controlled ventilation of the living spaces in general?

Due to the fact that buildings clad in air-tight shells often feature air exchange rates that are too high, room climates can often become extremely dry during the cold months.

If this is the case, please pay particular attention to our recommendations regarding climate, and the ideal setting of a controlled system for ventilating your living space, with regards to air exchange rates. An ideal room climate of 20°C Air Temperature and a Relative Humidity level of 40 to 60% is our recommendation.

Please bear in mind you will save valuable heating energy by doing so, a lower room temperature feels more pleasant when air humidity is high.

At the beginning, and during the cold/winter months, we recommend you install air humidifiers, house plants, etc; all sources of moisture; this will help prevent your parquet floor from shrinking excessively and causing microgaps / gaps.

To monitor relative air humidity, we recommend that you install a hygrometer in the house.