Do you have a carpeted floor – wouldn’t you prefer to replace it with a parquet floor?

Carpets are often chosen because they dampen the sound of footsteps. It should be mentioned, however, that carpets and parquet floor are almost incomparable in terms of life span.

Renovate with Weitzer Parkett, so quick, so dust-free, so quiet.

Stains from spilled drinks ruin every carpet sooner or later and aggressive cleaning agents and furniture leave their mark. Furthermore, carpets have to be completely replaced every 10 years at the latest!

However, the most important argument for parquet flooring is probably your health: Weitzer healthy parquet is hypoallergenic, antibacterial, antistatic and breathable all at the same time. Unlike carpet, it offers dust and dirt nothing to cling on to and mites nowhere to hide. Wood also regulates the humidity and thus ensures an optimal indoor climate.

If you ever want to sell or rent your property, having parquet flooring automatically increases its price.

And Weitzer Parkett even has an intelligent solution for the perceived disadvantage regarding noise: The innovative WP Looseglue Matte underneath your new parquet floor ensures optimal acoustics.

Revamping made easy

Your old carpet no longer keeps to what it promised at the beginning of your life together? It probably already has more subtenants than is good for your health. It takes your eyes considerable effort to look past the stains.

What can you do?

Numerous hotels have already decided to switch from carpet to parquet flooring and to renovate with Weitzer Parkett. It not only offers benefits in terms of cleaning and hygiene; but also from the satisfied guests who now look forward to taking their shoes off. Carpets should always be removed when installing a parquet floor for both technical and hygiene reasons. A refurbishment that really pays off, since we only use the very best natural oils and waxes from renewable resources for our “ProVital finish” surface. It penetrates deep into the pores and gives the parquet a special protective finish. At the same time, the floor remains exceptionally breathable and you can feel the structure of the wood up close.