The Weitzer Ash Collection:
Sensationally beautiful!

With the ash collection from Weitzer Parkett, we offer you an alternative to oak that is something to behold. The wood has a similar hardness, making it tougher and stronger than that of many other trees. The distinctive annual rings enliven the surface and give the room a light and wide look. Ideal for giving even small or dark rooms a visual grandeur.

The optics

Catching attention with confidence?

Yes, of course! For you to be able to trust us, our reliability in manufacturing is indispensable: the usual Weitzer surface perfection makes the parquet in the Ash collection incredibly durable – for decades. In addition, the floor is free of plasticisers – because we do not use any plastic elements.
That’s something to live with, isn’t it?

The Ash Collection

Ash Polar






Ash Polar


Frequently asked questions:

Can parquet be installed on underfloor heating?

For decades now, parquet has been tried-and-tested to the satisfaction of customers when installed on top of hot water/wet underfloor heating. The specialist under-floor heating installer plays an important role, and should guarantee correct advice and proper installation. The prerequisite is that the heating system should always be installed by experts, and the screed used is installed to the relevant standards. Always ensure the under floor heating has been “commissioned” properly prior to installing a timber floor.

Can the colour of my parquet floor change?

After the floor has been installed, exposure to sunlight can cause changes in the colour of the wood, depending on the intensity of the light and of various substances within the wood. Different wood species react differently to light in terms of the strength, speed and nature of these changes (yellowing, darkening or bleaching).

Is it possible to install parquet in a bathroom?

In general, it is important to remember that installing a wooden floor in a damp room (eg. a bathroom) will mean increased work and maintenance expense. You will need to be more careful with regards to water-splashing out of baths, showers, etc., as well as expansion and cupping.

As far as possible to minimize the unavoidable changes in the dimensions of the timber, we recommend that you maintain a room climate of 20°C Air Temperature and a Relative Humidity level of 60% throughout the year. It is also helpful if you select a timber species with low expansion and contraction characteristics, and a timber with a low speed of absorption of moisture (eg: oak).

Ideally, we would recommend products with a multi-layered structure (2 or 3 layers). It is also advisable to lay one or two rows of tiles or stone immediately next to the bath/shower or basin to allow for any spray/splashes.

We do not recommend timber floors to be installed in wet rooms.

Every time you use the bathroom, you should wipe away as much spray/splashed/pooled water as soon as possible to prevent the timber being exposed to water (risk of staining and cupping). The bathroom must be ventilated regularly. Every time you fill the bath or take a shower, ensure that the room is thoroughly ventilated to regulate the room climate.

Maintenance should be carried out as and when necessary, depending on how much the bathroom is used. This may involve renewal of the impregnating layer which should be carried out if the water no longer “pools” on the surface and begins to penetrate into the surface instead.

Water stains and changes in dimensions due to fluctuations in wood moisture content can be prevented by regular maintenance and inspection.