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Wooden Steps - WP Multi: Parquet and stairs in identical colours.

Edge profiles for steps


Because a perfect design should not end with the stairs. The appearance of a room can be beautifully enhanced by the design of the stairs. That’s why we offer matching parquet and stairs, irrespective of the wood species, colour or surface finish you choose. The result is a harmonious overall impression – the perfect finish to your interior. For renovations, too, existing stairs can be individually designed.We deliver custom-made, high-quality solutions for quick and easy stair covering.

Flowing Transitions

We offer you flowing transitions into the next storey with our system.


A moulding for every stair


The perfect finish to your interior!

Inner mouldings and wall cover mouldings are optimally adapted to the step, this means that the individual elements combine into a stylish, overall structure.

Handrail and wall coverage


The handrail and wall coverage matching your parquet selection are the icing on the cake for your stairs perfect look. This details significantly influence the appearance and and are a matter of course with us.