Grading: lively
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Grading lively

This grading has a high percentage of sound knots with an even colour variation without sapwood.

Characteristics: knots, natural colour variations, filled cracks, natural grain variation no sapwood

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Product Description

  • Herringbone and French Herringbone installation possible
  • Single strip appearance with bevel on the longitudinal and header joints (01)
  • Tongue and groove joint on four sides (02)
  • Support material made of derived timber product (03)
  • Weitzer Plank 1400 or Weitzer Plank 1000 can be used as a border detail
  • Ideally suited to underfloor heating
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Product image -

The made-to-measure parquet solution for your staircase.

A perfectly shaped room design for your parquet floor. Our solutions for stairs and steps are flexible.