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Sound-reduction parquet

“Insulates” the noise at the source.

Sound-reduction parquet creates peace and quiet in the room. Special adhesive absorbs footsteps and reduces noise levels in the room. Not quiet enough?

Then choose our sound-reduction parquet with Silent Intelligence™ and create peace and quiet in the whole house!

An innovative product structure that for the first time has made it possible to reduce sound right at the source. Thanks to its specially developed design, Silent Intelligence™ technology reduces ambient AND footfall noise. Testresults from the Graz University of Technology indicated a noise reduction of more than half the normal perceived volume and a distinct improvement in the footfall noise.

Hard and soft at the same time

The floor’s unique structure makes it elastic, ensuring that light, blunt objects falling to the floor are able to “bounce”. This reduces the risk of possible damage to the floor. It also enables gentle and joint-friendly walking and standing.



  • Peace and quiet in the whole house thanks to unique “Silent Intelligence™” sound-reduction technology
  • The installed insulating layer absorbs footsteps, making the parquet gentle on the joints
  • Resistant against minor everyday damage