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Intelligent Parquet and Stairs Solutions

Intelligent parquet and stairs solutions

It is easy to see why we are the market leader in Austria and one of Europe’s leading parquet producers.   

Our Parquet Intelligence concept means we lead the way when it comes to innovation. We are able to draw on our decades of experience, our dynamic search for improvements and our boundless curiosity. We are always one step ahead of the competition when it comes to parquet flooring and stairs. We set the standards for the future and provide you with a range of options beyond belief.  

Quality floors like no others: Maintenance-Free Parquet, Healthy Parquet, Sound-Reduction Parquet and iDesign Parquet  

With global innovations such as the the World’s first Maintenance-Free Parquet, Sound-Reduction Parquet with the revolutionary ‘Silent Intelligence™’ technology and our Healthy Parquet, we put previously undreamt-of opportunities at your feet. This proves that our parquet is not just beautiful and of the best quality, but that it can also be Maintenance-Free, Silent and Healthy.

Maintenance-Free Parquet

Maintenance-Free Parquet

  • Saves you time and money
  • Revolutionary technology means only gentle cleaning is needed
  • Permanently beautiful parquet floor, complicated and time consuming maintenance is no longer required
Healthy Parquet

Healthy Parquet

  • Promotes a feeling of well-being while optimising the room climate
  • Creates a healthy environment with the ‘AAAA’ effect: Allergy Free – Antibacterial – Antistatic – Alive qualities
  • 100% pure and totally natural, the surface is treated only with natural oils and waxes
Sound-Reduction Parquet

Sound-Reduction Parquet

  • Peace and quiet throughout  thanks to the unique ‘Silent Intelligence™’ technology
  • The built in insulation layer absorbs the sound of footsteps providing outstanding reduction in subsonic and ambient noise
  • Improved protection for your floor

iDesign Parquet

  • As unique as each individual – design your parquet floor yourself
  • Your choice - completely
  • 4 wood species, 24 colours, 6 treatments and 4 appearances, including the new Imperial Plank, will result in a floor designed precisely to your specifications
  • Totally unique

100% perfect harmony

Weitzer Parkett offers you the highest level of appearance with parquet and stairs solutions in identical colours.