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Ecological responsibility

Mother Nature

We listen to Mother Nature and feel obliged to align our company with the environment.  We invite you to follow our example!  

Our raw timber is almost exclusively derived from European, sustainable forests.  

We are the first parquet manufacturer to have ceased using tropical hardwood timber for a number of years.  

Energy is a valuable resource, our internal biomass power plant, photovaltaic systems and hydroelectric power plant allow us to produce not only environmentally friendly district heating, but also eco-power. The energy produced in this sustainable manner provides power not only for Weitzer Parkett but also for more than half of the city of Weiz.  This corresponds to a capacity of more than 2000 households.

We make a significant contribution to a positive eco balance by means of our overall value-add-chain: resources from nearby locations, short transport paths, production in Austria, renewable enerby, and much more besides. 

We are a step ahead: Weitzer Parkett is the first and only manufacturer in the market to offer an overall solution for parquet flooring and adhesive that is free from plasticizers.

Environmental protection: we’re taking a stance.

The Blue Angel

As the world’s oldest and best-known eco-label, the Blue Angel stands for credibility and competence. It identifies products which are particularly environmentally friendly and at the same time meet high demands in relation to health and employment protection. Weitzer Parkett products have been tested in accordance with these strict guidelines, and as a result are entitled to carry the Blue Angel seal of approval.

We stand for real values.

Real Wood

Developed by the European Federation of the Parquet Industry  (FEP), only solid and multi-layered real wood floors such as those manufactured by Weitzer Parkett may carry the Real Wood logo.  The campaign for real wood floors has been developed to avoid confusion between real timber floors and laminate floors (laminate cannot carry the ‘Real Wood’ label)

We’re taking responsibility.

Weitzer Parkett holds the PEFC Certificate of sustainable forestry.  This Europe-wide system of forest certification acts as a common framework for national and regional certification schemes.  PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification scheme) is a certification system initiated by European private forest owners and promotes sustainable forestry.



“Weitzer Parkett products are safe for humans, nature and the environment from production, through to daily usage and disposal. They improve the quality of life and protect the environment for current and future generations.”