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Installation Techniques and Patterns


Complete Adhesion


  • Guaranteed free of plasticizers: Weitzer Parkett are the first and only provider on the market to offer you an overall solution free from plasticizers: from the parquet floor to the adhesive.
  • All Weitzer Parkett floors are suitable for complete adhesion
  • This is the ideal installation technique for parquet floors which will be in situ long-term
  • Reduction in acoustic noise by half (10 dB)
  • This Installation technique is perfect for underfloor heating (with the exception of Beech, Mountain Maple and Canadian Maple wood species which have limited suitability on underfloor heating)
  • Suitable subfloors: cement or anhydride screed, mastic asphalt, OSB installation panels and particleboard flooring (V100/E1), heated screed
  • Recommended adhesive: Profi SMP Kleber No. 950 without plasticizers

Floating installation

Floating, unglued installation using the double-click system (WP Charisma products) or bonding of tongue and groove (WP Quadra products)

  • This is the ideal installation technique for relocating the parquet floor (for example when moving house )
  • The base for a floating floor installation must be clean, dry, even and solid.  (Variations of more than 2 mm per 100 cm must be levelled out with a suitable levelling compound.All wall to wall carpeting must be removed
  • Old PVC or linoleum floors can be left in place
  • Subsonic noise may be reduced by approximately 20 dB by using the Natural fibre underlay mat WP Sekura

Installation pattern

Below you'll find all of our recommended installation patterns sorted by format

Plank appearance


Wideboard appearance


Block appearance

Block Straight
Block Diagonal
Shifted Dice
Diagonal lamella

Strip appearance

Natural lamella straight
Natural lamella diagonal
Shifted dice
Continuous lamella pattern straight
Continuous lamella pattern diagonal

Combining with other products

Herringbone with conrner frieze (4100/550/450)
Ladder-type combination (4100/550/450)