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They opened a barrel and poured it over me.

I am a special edition of iDesign parquet, and have been enhanced with true Styrian red wine. The special colour finish, which has been carefully achieved by hand, lends me a very refined character. Complex process steps are necessary to gain the rustic look that I impart on an entire room.

I am Styrian Wine Oak.
Robust, powerful, sturdy, solid, full of character and warmth, authentic, impressive and Styrian: from the root to the crown.

More than half of Styria is covered by forest. Here in the “green heart of Austria”, in forests that are nestled between fertile, sunny hills, mountains and rich meadows and pastures, is where I am at home. The mineral-rich, soft and deep soil provides ideal conditions for a long life, which can span 30 generations. With my firm character and robust strength, I see myself as a valuable member of the Weitzer Parkett brand. I am an ambassador of good taste and stand for strong rooting with our homeland, which is why I come with a certificate and guarantee of origin. Oak is solid. Styrian Oak stands for strong rooting with our homeland, our origin.



The Benefits of Styrian Wine Oak:

  • Exceptional design - thanks to the special surface feel and colouring - creates a unique atmosphere in the room
  • This is a healthy parquet and improves the indoor climate
  • The premium product is supplied with the official “Styrian Wine Oak” seal that stands for regionality and origin of the manufactured wood